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GelBand Tennis Elbow Arm Band XS Zoom

GelBand Tennis Elbow Arm Band XS

SKU: TEN-329

Availability: In stock


The GelBand Tennis Elbow Band provides therapeutic support by conforming compression without restricting circulation. Used to treat tennis or golfer's elbow. Provides relief from arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, strains and pains. Durable, comfortable material ensures lasting wearability. Elastic Tension Strap enhances compression control. Loop Lock and Plastic Tongue Closure for easy, non-binding fit. Unique GelCell can be cooled or heated for therapy on acute and chronic injuries. With 30 Durometer Thermal Viscoelastic Conforming Compression, this arm band provides the ideal in therapeutic support.

Fits left or right arm.
Colors: Beige or Black.

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