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Tourna 600 ES Stringing Machine - Electric With Floor Stand Zoom

Tourna 600 ES Stringing Machine - Electric With Floor Stand

SKU: TE410

Availability: In stock


The Tourna 600 ES Electric Floor Stand model is the top of the line stringing machine from Tourna. Ultra accurate to 1/10 of a pound and has pre-stretch and tie-off knot tension settings. This is the premium stringing machine all shops should have.


Suitable For Stringing: tennis, racquetball, squash, and badminton racquets

Tensions System Type: Electronic, tensioning controlled by a microprocessor. Extremely sensitive constant pull from 10-90 lbs or 4.5-40.8kg (extremely accurate, 1/10 pound accuracy). Modular, removable tension unit for easy servicing

Control Panel: Digital with advanced stringing functions and programming. Including: 6 pull speeds, 8 programmable permanent tension memory settings, tie-off knot function - increases tension on tie-off nots for less tension loss, 4 levels of pre-stretch - 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%

Calibration Adjustable: Yes, with electronic or manual calibrator

Timer: Convenient timer function

Racquet Mounting System:Octagonal, compact turntable with 360 degree rotation, 6 point mount with self leveling quick mount system, Articulated adjustable side arms with single knob control

Machine Head String Gripper Type: Diamond coated rotational string gripper. Works conveniently with one hand

Clamp Type: 5 tooth, slim line profile, dual action, rotating swivel clamps. Super quick-cam mechanism. Clamps lock securely and easily to table. No tools required.

Remote Tension Activation/Deactivation: Foot pedal included

Stand: Adjustable stand height, stand can be removed for table top use also.

Tools Included: Straight Awl, Straight Pliers, Hex wrench set, 1 open end wrench, and 1 combination open/box end wrench

Tension Head: Modular, removable tension unit for easy servicing

Parts Warranty: 2 year limited

Electronics Warranty: 1 year limited

Weight: 115 lbs

Shipping: Ships in 2 separate boxes

Important Notes:

All court equipment, Stringing Machines, Ball Machines are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer and can ONLY be returned directly to the manufacturer for warranties, refunds or exchanges. Contact Customer Service (1-800-777-3444) for more information or if you have any questions.

All court equipment, Stringing Machines, Ball Machines MUST be returned within 30 days of the original purchase. Returns beyond 30 days will not be accepted.

Court equipment, Stringing Machines, Ball Machines to be returned for any reason will require a Return Authorization (RA) issued by Clarke.

Returned product can be subject to a restocking fee plus shipping costs both ways from the manufacturer.

Refunds will take 1-4 weeks, which allows time to verify condition of product returned to manufacturer.